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Some video stuff I've done. Mostly done using Movie Maker while I still learn Premiere Pro,
but there's glimmers of ideas here.

This page also looks distinctly shit... I will update it soon, I promise.


"Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"

Probably best described as a 'visual interpretation'
of a cracking happy, friday tune...

"Good Flintstones"

Tommy (Barney Rubble) terrorises Henry (Fred Flintstone) over dinner...

This video has been removed by Youtube.

But you can watch it here...


"Jimi and his Magic Torch"

Perhaps the greatest kids TV theme ever, replaced with Mr Jimi Hendrix, to no discernable detriment.

You may disagree

"Battle of the Planets vs Grindhouse"

Battle of the Planets intro and outro cut togetherwith the fantastic "Killer Legs" from Planet Terror soundtrack


The Flumps vs Grindhouse

The Flumps as creepy zombie things, simply through the power of music. That's 'Doc Block' from Planet Terror BTW...

Indy IV: Sneak preview teaser trailer


...more to follow...

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